Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Web 2.0 Sites = Free Website Traffic

In case you haven't noticed but the latest web 2.0 services has grown beyond belief. It's an exciting time for the Internet. As well as extremely profitable.

Social bookmarking, social networking has become big business and the opportunity to utilize these sites is tremendous.

The amount of traffic these sites get is a stark reminder of just how many people there are that come to the web to play, to do business, to chat with friends, share pictures, share music, make movies, share and post articles, share websites, there's not enough time or space to list all one can do with the web 2.0.

If the possibilities of what can be achieved by using these sites hasn't hit you yet, it will, once you've taken some time to visit them.

There's no trick involved in getting a piece of the traffic.

The only trick is time and patience and a willingness to follow their rules. Do this and the traffic will come.

Don't join if it's something that isn't even close to what you're about. You'll just confuse the site and yourself and may even get you banned from the site and sites that are friends.

Follow The Rules!!

There are approximately 2000 web 2.0 sites at Go2Web20.NET What makes for simplicity is when clicking on a logo, a portion of the bottom of the screen tells you what kind of site it is. Take your time and read the description. It's not a race.

If it's not for you.

Move On.

If the above resource overwhelms you, you can visit:

SeoMoz which has only 200 Web 2.0 Sites in 41 Categories. These sites will be repeated in the Go2Web20 site.

Start where you'd like but start.

The traffic you get, will be your own.

Don't try and do this in one day. There are just too many.

Make it a part of your daily marketing activities. It's not something that you've got to hurry up and complete.

Quite frankly, you'll probably never complete it as new sites will be added on a regular basis.

It boggles the mind when you think about Googles purchase of YouTube for over a billion dollars.

And MySpace with over a million members.

Web 2.0 isn't going anywhere and it would be a waste not to cash in on the opportunities they present.

Who knows, the next facebook or the next huge web 2.0 site may be yours. Ya Just Never Know!

May You Have The Best Of Luck In All You Do,
Art Luff

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