Saturday, February 9, 2008

SEO Equalizer Rocks The SEO World

The more I play with SEO equalizer, the more I realize just how powerful it is.

Before I had to go to Wordtracker to get my keywords. Then use WebPosition Gold to look at my onpage factors. After that I would start up SEO Elite to find people who were linking to my competitors or use search modifiers and the linkdomain command...

BUT, search modifiers and the link domain command can sometimes give you strange results.

On top of that, if I needed to submit pages I had to go back to WebPosition Gold. If I needed to submit articles it was back to my articles submitter.

To find pages that I would exchange links with me I was back to using search modifiers. But you have to keep ups with did you already email them so I had to have excel open to keep track if I emailed them.

Plus if I wanted to email them and ask for and link I need to use SEO Elite or create a text file with names and email to run through my bulk mailer.

Then I had to use my tools to check to see if any website I was linking to has been banned.

Now I'm back to WebPosition Gold to check to see how my rankings were looking. Do I need to tweak the tile tags or anything else?

After that I'd go back SEO elite to create the link pages for any new partners that came across later. Plus I still had to use a No Follow tag on the outgoing links, since I really didn't know the quality of the websites I was linking to.

This was just insane having this many tools. Not to mention, the amount of time it took going back and forth between them was a total waste of time.

So, instead of having to work with WebPosition Gold, SEO Elite, Wordtracker, Article submitter, my own tools, Excel, Email Mail program, and Notepad...

I can simply use one tool. All I can say is, "SEO Equalizer Rocks!"

If you want to boost your current SEO results, then you NEED SEO Equalizer. Period!

You can get your copy right here: