Saturday, February 9, 2008

SEO Equalizer Rocks The SEO World

The more I play with SEO equalizer, the more I realize just how powerful it is.

Before I had to go to Wordtracker to get my keywords. Then use WebPosition Gold to look at my onpage factors. After that I would start up SEO Elite to find people who were linking to my competitors or use search modifiers and the linkdomain command...

BUT, search modifiers and the link domain command can sometimes give you strange results.

On top of that, if I needed to submit pages I had to go back to WebPosition Gold. If I needed to submit articles it was back to my articles submitter.

To find pages that I would exchange links with me I was back to using search modifiers. But you have to keep ups with did you already email them so I had to have excel open to keep track if I emailed them.

Plus if I wanted to email them and ask for and link I need to use SEO Elite or create a text file with names and email to run through my bulk mailer.

Then I had to use my tools to check to see if any website I was linking to has been banned.

Now I'm back to WebPosition Gold to check to see how my rankings were looking. Do I need to tweak the tile tags or anything else?

After that I'd go back SEO elite to create the link pages for any new partners that came across later. Plus I still had to use a No Follow tag on the outgoing links, since I really didn't know the quality of the websites I was linking to.

This was just insane having this many tools. Not to mention, the amount of time it took going back and forth between them was a total waste of time.

So, instead of having to work with WebPosition Gold, SEO Elite, Wordtracker, Article submitter, my own tools, Excel, Email Mail program, and Notepad...

I can simply use one tool. All I can say is, "SEO Equalizer Rocks!"

If you want to boost your current SEO results, then you NEED SEO Equalizer. Period!

You can get your copy right here:

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Web 2.0 Sites = Free Website Traffic

In case you haven't noticed but the latest web 2.0 services has grown beyond belief. It's an exciting time for the Internet. As well as extremely profitable.

Social bookmarking, social networking has become big business and the opportunity to utilize these sites is tremendous.

The amount of traffic these sites get is a stark reminder of just how many people there are that come to the web to play, to do business, to chat with friends, share pictures, share music, make movies, share and post articles, share websites, there's not enough time or space to list all one can do with the web 2.0.

If the possibilities of what can be achieved by using these sites hasn't hit you yet, it will, once you've taken some time to visit them.

There's no trick involved in getting a piece of the traffic.

The only trick is time and patience and a willingness to follow their rules. Do this and the traffic will come.

Don't join if it's something that isn't even close to what you're about. You'll just confuse the site and yourself and may even get you banned from the site and sites that are friends.

Follow The Rules!!

There are approximately 2000 web 2.0 sites at Go2Web20.NET What makes for simplicity is when clicking on a logo, a portion of the bottom of the screen tells you what kind of site it is. Take your time and read the description. It's not a race.

If it's not for you.

Move On.

If the above resource overwhelms you, you can visit:

SeoMoz which has only 200 Web 2.0 Sites in 41 Categories. These sites will be repeated in the Go2Web20 site.

Start where you'd like but start.

The traffic you get, will be your own.

Don't try and do this in one day. There are just too many.

Make it a part of your daily marketing activities. It's not something that you've got to hurry up and complete.

Quite frankly, you'll probably never complete it as new sites will be added on a regular basis.

It boggles the mind when you think about Googles purchase of YouTube for over a billion dollars.

And MySpace with over a million members.

Web 2.0 isn't going anywhere and it would be a waste not to cash in on the opportunities they present.

Who knows, the next facebook or the next huge web 2.0 site may be yours. Ya Just Never Know!

May You Have The Best Of Luck In All You Do,
Art Luff

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Warning: Writing An Article A Day Can Cause Traffic Euphoria

In an era where you can find private label articles by the hundreds being sold just about everywhere you look and these same articles being submitted, unchanged, to the thousands of article directories across the web, it's refreshing as well as surprising to find content that is original and unique.

Sitting down in front of a keyboard and punching out articles on a regular basis is not what most would be internet marketers have in mind. If one pays $29.95 for 250 PLR articles and as a bonus recieves a nice piece of article submission software. The articles get loaded into the software, a button is clicked and poof you've got 250 articles, complete with your resource box, being blasted to thousands of article directories. Didn't even break a sweat. Now all you've got to do is sit back and wait for that tidal wave of traffic and sales.

Errrr!, Not this time my friend.

Chances are that those reviewing your articles will detect the lack of uniqness or duplication and either send it into the dark abyss of cyberspace or simply decline to post it. Directory owners are being inundated with these types of articles, wasting their time and the would be authors time.

Writing is about becoming an authority or expert about a given topic and if one is loading up a piece of software, with a couple hundred articles they haven't even read, the only thing they've become an authority on is, operating submission software. Which could be the topic of a good article!

The first thing any good writer has had to overcome is themselves. The doubts, the fears, the procrastination, the avoidance behavior and the lack of commitment.

If you want the traffic and sales that article or content marketing can bring then it is the above obstacles you'll need to overcome. We overcome them by sitting down in front of our keyboards and begin to punch out what we know about. In time and with experience those obstacles will dwindle then disappear only to reappear when we least expect it, they help us to deepen our commitment

Write your content as though you were speaking with and individual that needed your help with a problem they were having. Don't preach from atop a soapbox. Simply help with the problem at hand. No one will listen to a know it all. Myself included.

If you've created a useful, interesting and informative article you will have begun the process of becoming an expert in your chosen field or niche. People will begin to look forward to your articles. They will have started to believe what you have to say. They will begin to see you as an expert in your field. They might even forward them to associates or friends.

If you're really looking for exposure you can contact newsletters in your niche and ask the webmaster for permission to send them your latest article. Go to your nearest Google Search Box and search for newsletters or ezines you want to target. Your confidence will grow beyond belief as more and more newsletters accept your articles.

Your traffic and sales will reflect the quality of your content.

Write It and They Will Come and you won't be able to stop it, even if you wanted to.

Here's Wishing You Well In All You Do,
Art Luff

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Monday, January 28, 2008

The Truth About Free Classified Advertising And Why You Should Be Using It As Part Of Your Marketing Strategy.

Contrary to popular belief, Free classified advertising is Alive and Well. You not only can achieve good results but you can also be smiled on by It's Majesty "Google". Some of these sites come with an extremely high page rank and having these sites pointing at your site is a real plus for you. Not only do you get traffic from your ad but your position in search results could possibly put you on page #1. Therefore giving you more traffic. A true double win for the advertiser.

It was surprising to discover that Google returned 963,000 results for the phrase "Free Classified Advertising" without the quotes. Using the quotes Google returned 1,850,000 results. What was even more surprising was that the #1 Free Classified site, Craigslist, with a Google page rank of 8 wasn't anywhere to be found using that search phrase. Craigslist has helped provide many with a loyal following of opt-in subscribers. By placing a small ad, pointing to their blog, which contains an opt in form and offering a free ebook for subscribing they've managed to gradually build good size lists. As well as substantial amounts of sales.

Craigslist puts the capital "F" in Free!

Yahoo Free Classifieds came up in the #1 spot for the search phrase above. Another oddity I don't quite understand. They've been around for quite sometime and will be long after we're all gone. Results from them are still on the upswing. They have always provided a good result whether it be for list building or something for sale.

USFreeads is my next choice. They've got the free version and an upgraded version. You can't go wrong with the upgraded option which runs just $10 bucks a month. I highly recommend you take advantage of the upgrade. You won't even miss the $10. You'll have the ability to place unlimited ads, change the font size, color and style, upload pictures to enhance your ad. They also put your ad on all 50 of their partner sites. The results will not disappoint you.

The amount of traffic you get from using the above sites will vary and overall will depend on several points.

1. Is the Headline an intention getter.

2. Is the ad thought out and well written.

3. Have you used images where allowed, to describe and enhance your ad.

And last but not least. Do you plan to take action and implement the resources above? If you take no action then you can expect nothing to happen.

Utilize the above and you'll have something to show for it. Such as an increase in visitors to your site, an increase in sales, not to mention, more money in your wallet.

Before I wrap this up, here's one more tip. Don't stop with these 3 sites. With 1,850,000 sites left I'm sure there are more that are just as good as the 3 I've described.

Good Luck with your marketing efforts and all that you do!

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Just Another Day In Paradise

While the rest of the country braces itself for another day of freezing temperatures and the possibility of snow. I stepped onto the patio with a cup of coffee, clad only in a pair of cargo shorts, a t-shirt and off course barefoot. The weather man said to expect the highs only to reach into the mid 70's. Ahh! South Florida. Ya Gotta Love It!! "Unseasonably" cool he said. LOL!

So What, I hear you say. So What indeed.

The point is, That for some: Writing requires concentration, focus, commitment, a desire to learn and the desire to succeed. While for others: Writing requires concentration, focus, commitment, a desire to learn and the desire to succeed.

Putting our knowledge and thoughts to paper is the same for everyone and no one is any better off than anybody else. But! you exclaim, I never went to college, I don't know how, I don't know what to write about, I'm too old and no one would read it anyway.

None of those excuses are valid. We all know something about something. If you've ever had an opinion about a condition, a product, a book you read, or a person you encountered. You have a topic to start with. All you need to do is put it to paper.

Age is not a negative. Quite frankly, It's a positive thing. More time on the planet = more experiences = more to write about.

Here's something I bet you never heard before, Writing articles is the cheapest and most effective means you can use to generate traffic to your site and improve your ranking in the search engines.

Here's the deal.

If your selling stuff from your site and you want to sell boatloads of it, start writing.

If your hanging on to another invalid excuse that you don't have any money or a web site, then I have an answer for that as well. You don't need any money, go and get a free blog from Blogger. Then start writing. You'll soon have some money since you can just as easily sell from a blog as you can from a web site.

You don't have to write the next great American novel. You can do a short review of an ebook that you've purchased or a piece of software that you've used. Start small. As you learn your articles will reflect that and will grow as you learn.

Read everything you can get your hands on. Writers read and read alot. Reading stimulates ideas and ideas get written.

In closing I'd like to say, You may or may not have liked what you've read. That is not my responsibility. I've simply put on paper the things I know to be true about yours truly. If you can relate, fine. If not, I can only say that I've done the best I could with what I've got and that's all any of us can do.

I'll be 60 years young in May, I never went to college nor did I finish high school.

If I can put my stuff out there, So can You!

Get Started Right Now!


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